Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bonfires & Pumpkin Farms

Okay, I told y'all I would post some of our fun adventures from the last few weeks since Fall has been in the air! The weather has been kinda crazy... on days that we've had bonfires & visited pumpkin patches, it's been at least 85 degrees! The cooler weather is just now coming around, so people have been getting more into the season around here this week.

We kicked off the season pretty early with a cookout & bonfire at the Smallings'. It was the first Labor Day weekend; the Saturday night in September and the first evening that was somewhat cool. Melanie was good and ready to invite friends over for pork burgers, to check out their farm animals, and eat some Smores! Except that we never got to the last part cuz I was in charge of picking up the supplies for them but we ran out of tme. Oh well, we sat around the fire anyway. They were all cracking up at me because I dressed Mason in a warm jacket, warm pants, socks and shoes; while everyone else still had on shorts & t-shirts! Hey, flip flops and bonfires just don't mix and I wanted to make sure my baby stayed warm! Poor thang though, he started sweating and we gradually started pulling all these cold weather necessities off him!

Mason about to experience his very first bite of any kind of "hamburger!" He's allergic to beef, but we've never thought about the fact that he could have a pork burger! We were so excited for him to try it since it's one of Marc's and my favorite fall foods. He LOVED it! Especially with lots of "dip" on it (ketchup).
Mason & Luke hangin' out at the special big boy table
We just love the big pumpkin patch in Bowling Green; Jackson's Orchard and I was sooo excited to go back this year! We went with our good friends', the Burtons', but with Steph and I being pregnant, our "conditions" sure didn't mix with how incredibly hot that day was! So we didn't get to do all the typical JO stuff, like the hayride to pick out pumpkins and drinking hot apple cider. We still had fun on the cool slides, talking to the animals, and drinking the famous apple slushes!

I think Mason's favorite part was the baby pigs!!
Feeding goats with DaDa

More fun with DaDa walking on the big tires
Ally Burton slidin' away!
Mason and his girl, Gracie, watching all the big kids goin' down the slide
Finally got his turn! Whhheeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
Marc & Mason waiting their turn behind Gracie and her Uncle Jeremy
Time to cool off with some apples & caramel and apple slushes! Mason was being so sweet and sharing his apples with his DaDa.

Okay, I'm sooooo ready to go home, Momma! No more pictures, please! I'm just so hot and I just went potty all over myself! It's embarassing sitting here with no pants on and sweat dripping off my face!

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