Friday, March 20, 2009

My First Bowling Green Playdate

So, last Monday Mason and I hiked up to BG to meet up with Carrie and Colt to go on a playdate. Carrie & Colt were on Spring Break, so she was spending a few days with her parents there. She wanted to introduce me to some of her friends she grew up there and their little ones, plus I wanted to see some familiar faces when we move up there! We had such a fun day. Carrie's friend, Valerie, hosted the play date and then we all went to lunch at Buckhead's. I think that's going to be my new favorite place! They have the 2nd best chicken salad I've ever had (next to the recipe that Carrie rigged up as an imposter to the chicken salad we love from Corner Bakery in Atlanta). It's so comforting to know that when we move Mason and I will already have a sweet little group of friends. And as for Marc, well, he's on his own! Ha ha! Mason was the youngest but was so intrigued by watching all the "big kids" play. Most of them were 2, so that was interesting. :)

After playing & lunch, Carrie and I drove around for a few hours so she could show me different neighborhoods. We found some super cute houses! I drove as Carrie jotted down about 500 different phone numbers of houses for sale or rent. We also visited with Carrie's momma ,Vivian, for a while so she could also give me the scoop on the town of Bowling Green. What a fun-filled day Mommy & Mason had on their little road trip!

I think I like this toy!!
All the kiddos... wait, where's Colt? It looks like they're lined up from youngest to oldest! Look at my sweet boy... old enough to be on a little play date with big kids!! He's growing up WAY too fast!
Mason slowly losing focus...
Come on Mason, let's get outta here!
Attempting a cute picture with our boys... Didn't quite happen!
Oh, this was hilarious. Zoe wanted to get in her crib with Mason so she could jump up and down and bounce him up in the air! Colt saw all the fun going on and wanted to join in.
Zoe is too cute! She's the 2-year old daughter of Valerie. I love them!
Hangin' out with Auntie ViVi (Carrie's mom, Vivian)

Can we please say Marc Jr. & Seth Jr. !??!?!?!?!
Mason & Colt having the biggest conversation

It's so cute that as Mason gets older & older he's able to play and interact with Colt more

Playdate girls at Buckhead's... Carrie & Colt, Tiffany & Miles, Valerie & Zoe, Tonya & Audrey... and of course Mason chillin' in his stroller I had to take a pic of Tiffany cuz she reminds me soooooo much of her sister, Shannon! We were friends with Shannon & Paul when we lived in Louisville because Marc & Paul were in med school together (Paul a year ahead of Marc) and they went to Westport Road with us. We're gonna be reunited with them in Bowling Green! Yay!


Blessed said...

Congrats, Marc!

It was fun to hang out with you there!

I love the pictures! I can't decide which were my favorites. I want them all. Did you put them on Shuttefly where I can print them? I love the one that is Seth and Marc Jr. Could they look any more like their dads?

andreabrosto said...

Love the pics of Colt and Mason together! They're just the cutest!

Deaton, party of 5 said...

Awww, I so enjoyed getting to know you. We had fun at the playdate too--Valerie is a special lady!!!

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