Friday, January 2, 2009

Seth, Carrie, & Colt Visit on Marc's Birthday!!

Thanksgiving weekend ended in us celebrating Marc's 29th birthday, Sunday, Nov, 30th. We celebrated with our best friends; Cory & Andrea Brostowicz; Johnathan & Brooke Akin; and Seth, Carrie, & Colt Portis. The Portis Family was driving back to Memphis from Bowling Green so they stopped by so we could all have pizza together and eat some of Andrea's yummy fudge pie. :) Colt always loves being with Mason and gives him the most kisses! He thinks Mason is a little newborn baby. Unfortunately, sometimes that also consists of him trying out Mason's pacifiers and accidentally poking him in the eye and other random body parts! Mason is the most confused but he really does love Colt deep down inside. :) We can't wait for Mason to get a little bit older and they'll be able to really play together. We love our little boys! Carrie always told me that there is nothing like a little boy and his momma, and now I SO see that!! There is more truth in that than you know!
After our friends left, we had some quiet family time and Mason presented his daddy with his birthday present. Mason had been helping me put together a special book for Marc on I love these books! It takes me a while, but it is so worth it! This book was full of my favorite memories of Mason and Marc from the first 6 months of Mason's life. We also did these for our parents for Christmas and they loved them!
Okie, enjoy the pics from Marc's first birthday as a dad!

Watch Colt closely in these next 3 pictures...

Trying to get ourselves all situated from this group photo... Marc was behind the camera getting it all set up for self-timer, but it kinda went off before we were all ready! Colt is actually the only one ready for this picture! :) Oh, and Andrea is getting her hair all ready and I must be yelling at my husband! Johnathan is just concerned about the entire situation! And Seth is giving Andrea the evil eye. And Cory is checking out his hot baby-momma! Wait, and Brooke is hiding behind Mason and me.

Random Akin Family Photo... Oh, we were trying to get a good pic of them cuz they wanted to use it for their Christmas card. These ended up not even making the cut though!

Sweet Colt was trying to give Mason some love, but my little boy was so grumpy that night and not up for playing.

Seth coming to take Colt away

Moore Family Photo... oh, this one is just lovely! Marc has yummy spit-up on his shoulder and Mason is ready for bed. At least his outfit is cute! :)

Brooke, Carrie, Andrea, and me

We finally got a couple of cute group photos! Self-timer isn't actually too bad!

Okay, these are cute but whoever was taking this picture must have been sitting on the couch and getting these lovely upward views of us! Cory's claim to fame! :) I hate it when that happens! Word of advice: When someone is taking your picture, make sure they are not sitting down and pointing the camera up at you!

Attempting one with both babies. This picture makes me happy for some reason! I guess it's just life with your best girlfriends & boys! :)

Before Mason went night-night, he got to give his Daddy his birthday present. Here he is showing off his special book!

Examining that adorable little boy on the cover.... thinking, "Wait, this little boy looks just like me!!"

What a special day that was!! Carrie, I'm so glad your sweet family got to be in town to celebrate with us! I wish we could all have dinner together every Sunday night! Love you!

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Blessed said...

I am glad we got to come too!!! It was so fun getting to see yall and eat a yummy fudge pie for Marc's bday!

OK, I am cracking up at the picture where none of us were ready. I love your comments about it. I can't stop laughing.

Colt really does love Mason. I can't wait till they start playing together!

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