Monday, November 10, 2008

We love Patrick & Gemma!

We got to spend some time with one of Marc's best friends from Lipscomb this past week that we don't get to see very often. Maybe that's cuz he lives across the ocean! Patrick is a missionary in Glasgow, Scotland and has lived over there since around '04/'05. He married the beautiful Gemma (a Glasgow native) in the fall of 2005 so Patrick has made his home over there a little more permanent since then. :) He attended our church, Harpeth Hills, before leaving for Scotland and we now HHCC is their sponsor congregation, so we're blessed to have Patrick and Gemma come visit to give us updates on their mission work about once a year. Patrick is usually so busy that we don't get to really spend much one-on-one time with him, but this time we got lucky! He and Gemma came to our Life Group meeting hosted at our house last Sunday night and then Wednesday we had a little "reunion" dinner at O'Charley's with our group of Lipscomb friends... Marc's Gamma Xi brothers and their wives, along with Andrea and her husband, Cory. I have been friends with these people since the summer of '99, when I first really started hanging out with Andrea's friends from Lipscomb, and the summer Marc and I were introduced. Also, Jana was in town visiting in between her travel nursing assigments. She just finished a few months in Alaska, and now she's on to NYC!! It just worked out that we could all get together this night to visit with Patrick and Gemma one more time before they went back to Scotland. I wish we could do this more often, but I'm definitely thankful for the time we do get to spend with our wonderful friends! I love you all!

At our Life Group meeting... Eatin' Sara Whitfield's wonderful Chicken & Wild Rice Soup and deli sandwiches! Yum!
Patrick & Gemma Sullivan
Andrea, Mason & me, Gemma, and Beth Jent... Mason thinks he's the star of this photograph!
The boys at O'Charley's... Cory, Brian holding his little one Ty, Johnathan, Patrick, Marc & Mason, and Ricky... Marc's Gamma Xi bros & Cory
Mason with his Auntie Brooke & Uncle Johnathan... He is the happiest to be with them! Okay, I just had to put all of these of Ty Petty & Mason. We're trying to get them to smile for the pic, but Mason is too busy staring at the side of Ty's face trying to figure him out!

Our long-lost friends, Patrick & Jana, meeting Mason for the very first time! We had to gather everyone up from Alaska and Scotland to come meet our son! Mason has friends all over the world!! :)

I don't know...
Mason & Ricky

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Kim said...

Here comes the blonde hair-how cute!

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