Monday, November 3, 2008

Trunk or Treat

Hi y'all! Last Sunday we took Mason to our Trunk or Treat at church. Poor little thang was pooped after the long, event-filled weekend we had been having, so he just wasn't himself by time Sunday night rolled around. He was a little fussy at first, but then just koncked out. So, Marc carried around a sleep little lump of a lion all night. :) We ate some yummy chili & hotdogs, participated in the costume parade, and then moved the party outside for Trunk or Treat. Our Life Group had a western-themed trunk, so Mason started the night out in Costume #1: a little cowboy to match his Mommy & Daddy! Then, we had a costume change to Costume #2: a cuddly lion. I'm so glad I perched him up in our front yard a couple of weeks ago for his little lion photoshoot, cuz he wasn' really into having his picture taken at Trunk or Treat. We did end up getting some fun pics from the night, though!

I love this one of my two handsome cowboys!

The costume parade... Mason was the biggest hit! He did not even care though.

Our little cheerleader, Presley McClean... Her parents, Mark & Tamara, are in our Sunday School class.
The Moore & Petty Clan! Brian & Tara are some of our best friends. Ty (3 yrs. old) & Ansley (1 1/2 yr.) are their kiddos

Andrea and me... two sexy cowgirls! :)
Our Life Group posing proudly with our trunk ... Check out the other little lion in our group! That's Pat & Melina's little boy, Constantine.

Check out the cute bellies! We can't wait for little Luke & Cooke to get here in the Spring! Mason & Constantine need some other little guys to hang out with our group!
Marc and Melina with their sleepy, annoyed lion cubs
My two boys with Mark & Brooklyn Jent. She was born 5 weeks after Mason. She was a sweet little kangaroo!
Time to go trunk or treating! Marc was embarrassed, though, and didn't want us stealing all the kids' candy. Thank you. I was proud to carry the little bag Auntie Andrea made for Mason! We got like 8 pieces of candy.
Visiting the Willy Wonka "trunk"
Mason so excited to be there!
Visiting with Brian & Audrey Hudson... She has a new baby sister, Claire, who was at home with Mommy Katy.
Melina & Constantine
Hi, Tim & Bailey! Wait, where is Katy, though?
Some of y'all didn't believe me when I told you our church goes all out for this! Yes, there was a voting booth and John McCain & Sarah Palin took time out of their busy campaign trail to visit the HHCC Trunk or Treat! :)
Amber, Angela, and Andrea passing out the candy... sweet little Aria Burton was in a serious discussion with her mommy, Ginny, and Ashley Miller about whether or not she wanted to visit our Trunk. She was a little leary of those girls in cowboy hats! Hee hee!
Us girlies... I promise I'm not that short! We're standing on some slanted area and of course I would be on the end!

And who was the masked man? It's Justin Ezell!
And the night ends with some Daddy/Mason time in Mason's ice-skater opaque tights. Oh, Marc was especially proud that his son was wearing those!
Even though Mason was so worn out at church, by time we got home he was in the best little mood and was wide awake! He was laughing so hard and did not want to go to bed!

That's the end of this little story! More fun Moore Fall Adventures to come!


Blessed said...

Adorable pictures! Love that little lion! You look amazing, April in all the pictures.

Kim said...

You guys look great!

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