Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Meeting Baby Audrey Robinson

When Marc, Mason, and I were in Louisville last month for our baby shower, we also got to meet Baby Audrey for the first time! She is the new sweet baby girl of our good friends, Billy & Danyelle. She was born August 30th after 2 days of an all natural labor and birth! Yup, that's right folks, Danyelle did not give up and brought Audrey into this world drug-free! You go girl! Mason and I spent the day with Danyelle & Audrey while our hubbies were at the Ryder Cup Golf Tournament. The babies didn't really seem to care about each other too much. Audrey just wanted to eat and be cuddled, and Mason just wanted to lay on his tummy time mat thang, eat rice cereal, and go on a walk. He thinks he's a "big boy" now, so he was just too cool to hang out with a new little baby! hee hee! Audrey is just so beautiful and so sweet. Danyelle and I just sat and looked at our babies and thought we were in the biggest dream. A year ago at that point I was just a few weeks pregnant with Mason and scared to death, and Danyelle wanted more than anything to be a mommy, so we just couldn't believe how far God has brought us since those days. We are mommies now to two beautiful, perfect, healthy babies and examples of how patient we have to be sometimes! :) Here are some pics of us making our poor babies do photoshoots all day long:

Two proud poppas!! But wait, why are Mason's & Audrey's heads the same size?
Love it... the boys hanging out in the pink nursery!

This one is precious of Audrey looking up at her daddy!
Sleepy Head! Oh, it made me miss those days of when Mason just slept all the time!
Love the sweet little nightlight Andrea made for Audrey's nursery!

I love this daintiness of this sweet baby girl's room!

Time for our walk! Mason is passed out and Audrey is mad.

We dressed Audrey all up and I did the biggest photoshoot of her... copying the poses of baby pics I've seen online! :)

Oh, they'll be in love someday, they just don't know it yet!
Ooooh, this one is soooo sweet of Mason peering over to get a good look of Baby Audrey! He was in awe!
No, sweet boy, we do not hit people!

I LOVE this one of Danyelle and her precious daughter!

Mason's FIRST time to sit in a Bumbo! He thought he would try out Audrey's before he purchased one for himself! Actually, he doesn't really care about sitting in the Bumbo in this picture, he just wants his cereal and is telling Mommy all about it!
Little did we know that Danyelle was giving Mason a blue Bumbo at our baby shower the very next day! Mason LOVES it and sits in it all the time... He looks like a little man just sitting around with the adults!

Just chillin' and each doing their own thing...
Mason looked like the biggest boy in his red overalls!
She looks JUST like her daddy!!

Exhausted after a long day of playing! This was on our way back to Mike & Myrna McGimsey's, where we were staying for the weekend. Thank you, Billy & Danyelle, for letting us come love on your sweet girl! WE LOVE HER!!

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Kim said...

You need a baby girl next, April! She and Mason are SO sweet together!

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