Sunday, August 17, 2008

We just hated to disturb him, but we gotta follow the doctor's orders!!

So, Mason reached this milestone a few weeks ago (see previous posts on updates on my little man!) where he rolls over in his crib. Well, the thing is, is that once he rolls over onto his stomach, he can't get back on his back! He was in this phase for about a week where he would sleep soundly for several hours at night and then fall over onto his stomach, get frustrated, and wake himself up being upset. He just couldn't figure out what to do once he got on his stomach. We would go into his nursery and find him facedown into the crib all kicking his little legs and just a' fussin'. We would help him get situated but then he wouldn't go back to sleep. So that ruined his sleeping 8-9 hours routine. But, a couple of days later he figured out that he could just turn his little head to lay on his cheek and he would be just fine. Well, that became a problem as well. BECAUSE, he would get sooo comfy and all cozied up on his belly and would go into this deep sleep, which babies aren't supposed to do in this generation. The chance of SIDS supposedly increases around 3 months, and now that Mason is 3 months, it scares us to death for him to sleep on his tummy. So, everytime we would find him in that position we would take the chance of waking him from his peaceful slumber and would turn him over to his back. Well, that would work for about a minute and then he would turn right back over onto his belly. Marc and I just didn't know what we were gonna do about this situation and started asking our friends for advice on sleep positioners and other things we could do to get him to stay on his back.

Well, our problem ended up taking care of himself. It finally just stopped a couple of days ago. He no longer rolls onto his belly, but pretty much stays on his back and side the whole night. He's back sleeping his long 8-13 hour stretches once again! Yes, I said 13. Thank you. This past Thursday, Aug. 14, he slept from 9:55 pm until 10:45 am the next morning, almost 13 hours. Here are some pics of what we would find a couple of these mornings of this phase:

This was the first time we found him where he had discovered that he could lay on his cheek and not with his nose buried into the mattress! He looks so peaceful here! And like such a big boy!

Okay, so we were in Morganfield, KY last weekend for baby showers for our good friends, John & Jamie Burgess, who are expecting their baby girl (Audrey) Sept. 16th. So, Mason decided to try out Audrey's crib while we were there to make sure it will work for her. Hee hee! So, that explains the pink crib bedding. Thank you. (Mason actually loves pink!! He can't keep his eyes off me when I wear pink, and that's pretty often!)

So, when we put Mason to bed this night, this is what he was doing... staring at Audrey's mobile thang! Oh, he loved it!! It was the sweetest thang!! So, we thought maybe he would stay on his side the entire night if he fell asleep looking at it...

Wrong, this is how we found him at 5:22 am!!! Marc and I just stood over the crib and watched him forever, so afraid to disturb him and turn him over! Look at his little butt all perched up!!

Oh my gosh, he was sooooooo sweet-looking! It kinda looked like he was faking, though, like he knew people were watching him!

Mason, Mommy & Daddy will forever have this image sketched in their minds! We love you, little boy, no matter if you're on your back or your tummy!! You are our perfect gift from God!

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