Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mason's Baby Dedication

We took Mason to church for the very first time on July 6th, and that also happened to be the day of his Baby Dedication. It also happened to be the very first time that we have been early to church! Ha Ha! We dressed Mason in his precious little Strasburg outfit and he looked sooo cute! We also put the little blue booties on him that Marc's mom made. He just looked so sweet. We were so blessed to have some of Mason's biggest fan join us for the day! My parents, my Uncle Mark & Aunt Karen, and my grandmother, Willie Mae, were all there for the special occasion. We also had some of our closest friends sitting with us, Andrea & Cory, Brooke & Johnathan, & Erik & Angela. Andrea had my camera and Erik had our video camera! :) Mason just slept the entire time. I'm so glad cuz we were perched up on the 4th row and if he would have started fussin' the entire church would have had to witness it. :) Chris Smith, our minister at Harpeth Hills Church of Christ, did the blessing and held Mason up for everyone to see. Marc and I just love Chris! After attending Marc's & my church, we headed over to Whispering Hills Church of the Nazarene (where my parents attend and the church in which I grew up) to catch their service and to show Mason off. There were soooo many people at Whis. Hills dying to meet Mason! We were the last family to leave the church that day, because we couldn't get Mason out of Pastor Todd's arms! haha!! After church, my parents, grandmother, Mason and me went to the new Sweet Tea Diner for some of my favorite kind of food - homemade cookin'!! It was so yummy! So, Mason was a very busy, and popular, little boy on that day! I am just blown away by all of the people who love and spoil him to pieces!! Here are some pics of Mason's special day:

My parents and their special first grandchild!
Nana Kay & Mason Thomas
My best friend, Andrea, her hubby, Corry, and my happy little family! Check out Mason just a' chillin' with his little green Soothie!!Our good friend, Tara Petty, and her precious Ansley. Ansley turned one in May. She and Mason are not even paying each other any attention!! :)
MawMaw Myers (my dad's mom) is one proud first-time great-MaMaw!!
My parents and us... doesn't my dad look so handsome?? That was the suit that he wore in my brother's wedding.
Brian Petty (one of Marc's best friends from college) coming to give Baby Mason some lovin'!
Randy Bostic checking out the situation!

Okay, one more pic with Tara & Ansley! And Ansley is actually looking at the camera this time!! She's such a cutie!!
I am in love with my precious baby boy!! Doesn't he look like a little angel in this picture? The Akins', Moores', and Pettys'
My Aunt Karen & Uncle Mark, my MawMaw Myers, and my parents
My aunt & uncle... Aunt Karen brings out the funniest little hand gestures in Mason! He always does silly stuff with his hands and arms when she is holding him!

I love this one! MawMaw can't keep her eyes off of Mason!

Off to Whispering Hills...

Pastor Todd & Cathy... I grew up having his as my Pastor and their daughter, Christy, is one of my bestest friends!! So many memories at that church! I just love this picture!
Phyllis (I call her P.J. - the honorary grandmother in my wedding) and Dottie - two women who I love from Whis. Hills!
My cousin & cousin-in-law, Steph & Scott
My Uncle Steve met Mason for the very first time this day!! He's handing Mason off to Yvonne... one of the long-time members of Whispering Hills who is an angel to everyone!! She is special to so many of us!
Other people I grew up going to church with meeting Mason... Debbie Biehl, Deanna Adams, Gary Lowe, and I don't know who the baby is! I do know that that baby girl LOVED Mason and kept wanting to touch him! It was so sweet!
Maddie Adams... I've watched her grow up!!
This was right when we walked into the sanctuary and Pastor Todd had to see Mason right away! I didn't even know my mom was taking this picture. Look at my dad being the proudest Poppa Jack ever!!
Okay, Pastor Todd, time to give him back!! We gotta hurry and get to Sweet Tea Diner cuz Mason's mommy is starving!!!

What a wonderful, indescribable day this was! Marc and I had been waiting for that day for a long, long time. I will never forget it!


The Cherry Tree 123 said...

How sweet! I like your new blog and all the new pictures! Sorry we couldn't get together tonight, maybe next week? Let me know. We miss ya'll!!!

Kristin said...

What a wonderful day! And I'm glad to know that the Sweet Tea Diner is good. I've been wanting to try it for a while.

Kim said...

That is so precious. I'm so glad you and Marc are lovin' your baby boy-there's nothin' like it, huh?!

Blessed said...

Love the pics. So sweet!!! Wish WE could have been there! :(

How in the WORLD did you get the background to match Mason's room exactly!!?!?!

Lerra said...

Thanks for pointing me to your blog so I can read your story!! Baby Mason is so precious & I know you & your husband feel so blessed to have him.

Online Roulette said...

The matchless message, is very interesting to me :)

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