Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mason's First Playdate!!

Mason has been getting invites to play groups all summer long with our Sunday School class and with the Vanderbilt Housestaff Alliance, this club thang for residents' spouses at Vanderbilt. Well, we finally went on our very first one a couple of weeks ago! It was with other mommies and babies in our Sunday School class. AND, it happened to be a swimming one! I thought I would start off with an easy one. Hee hee! :) It was really a lot of work to get us all packed up and there, but it was worth it. For just a 12-week old baby, they require the most preparation - Mason's pool stuff (consisting of a cool outfit and a floppy hat... thank you), my pool stuff, pumping bottles, trying to fit myself into a bathing suit, getting myself some lunch, nursing Mason one last time before hitting the road, reaching to the top of our linen closet to find the pile of beach towels that fell out onto my head, loading all of this stuff in and out of the car, etc. Gosh, just imagine what it's gonna be like in a few weeks when we take Mason to the beach for the first time!!! Anyway, it was fun to just get out of the house for a while and for Mason to be around other kids, even if it was for him to just sit and stare at them and be the most confused. There were babies there even younger than Mason! All of the moms though except for me also had toddler-aged children, so they were all playing in the pool while I was pretty much running back and forth inside the pool house to check on Mason. We had it at Misty George's parents' home where there is a pool house thang, so it was so great that we had a little area to keep the little babies inside and cool. Misty's newest little one, Griffin, and Mason were as happy as can be hanging out inside. Griffin was in a swing sleeping and Mason sat right in front of him in his car seat just staring at him the entire time. It was the funniest sight! Mason didn't even want to go to sleep cuz he was having so much fun watching Griffin swinging back and forth! I didn't get to get in the pool very much but it was fun just watching all the mommies and kiddos splash around and taking really fun bathing suit shots. Hee hee!! Then, Ella George got my camera and wanted to take some pics of Mason and me. She was a professional! She had to do all these different poses of us, and actually did a pretty good job. She's such a sweet little girl! She was also checking on Mason every so often inside to make sure he and her little brother were doing okay and staying out of trouble. :) Next year will probably be a little more fun for us since Mason will be able to swim around with his little floaties in the pool!

Tara, Ansley, & Ty Petty
Frolicking in the background... Ashley & Ava Miller, and Sarah & Bennett Ezell

Sweet little Callie (Sara Whitfield's daughter) - She is two weeks younger than Mason

Sara, Taylor (otherwise known as "Tay-Tay"), and Callie... Callie opted for staying outside under this shaded little area where there was a fan so she could watch her mommy & big sis play! Mason hung out with her for a while and then I moved him inside for a change in scenery and to hang out with the "boys."
Cool dudes Griffin & Mason chillin'
Ella George hangin' out with Mason... But wait, is she holding up another swimsuit? I didn't even realize what it was at the time!
Sarah & Bennett
Oh, Bennett wanted to model a different angle!! :)
Okay, check this out... Tara & her kiddos, but why do they both have their finger up their nose? Thank you. Their daddy trained them well!! Tara, I'm sure you are so proud! :) I'm sure Mason will be doing that soon!
Love her!! Dave & Mashea Turner's little girl, Emerson. She just turned a year old. She and Mason just bonded tonight at a church cookout!! She played with all of Mason's toys while he just stared at her beautiful brown eyes! He LOVES older women!!!
Ginny & precious Scarlett Burton... She is 8 weeks younger than Mason.
Last but not least.. Mommy & Mason!! Look at his sweet little head all down at the bottom of the picture!! Ella, you did a great job!! I love this one! :)
He's looking at his Mommy!
But wait, are we the only ones at this play group? Thank you. Where did everyone go?
About 30 minutes after we got home... Mason was exhausted from all of that playing and swimming!!!

Mason, Mommy looks forward to MANY more play groups to come!! I love you sweet boy!!


Kim said...

What a great practice run for the beach!!

Blessed said...

Looks like you had fun! :) Love ALL the pics!

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