Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dad & MaMaw!! AND Happy 38 Wks, 4 Days of Pregnancy to me! :)

Tuesday night Marc and I went out to eat with my parents and my MawMaw to celebrate my dad's & MaMaw's birthdays. May is a VERY busy month for my family when it comes to celebrations! Dad's was May 6th and MaMaw's was May 7th (today!!). And mine is this Saturday, May 10th! My dad predicted Mason would be born on his birthday, but it came and went and still no Mason! Anyway, we had the best time celebrating, sitting outside and enjoying the nice breeze at Vittles. I love me some home-cooking!! The waitress brought out some chocolate cake and we all helped her in singing, but it sounded awful!! My dad then opened his birthday card from us and had to read every word of it out loud. Thank you. Noone was paying him any attention. And my MaMaw just LOVED her beautiful card from Marc and me and had to go on and on about it! After we got home, Marc had to do some updated belly shots. It was a very fun, relaxing evening that we all needed very much!! I am so blessed by my family!

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Sarah Ezell said...

OK April...time for some new pics. Hope you guys are doing great and can't wait to meet Mason.

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