Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Summer Lovin' on Colt!!

Okay, another random picture gallery from my summer fun... One of my best friends, Carrie, had a baby on February 28th of this year, Coulter Benjamin, otherwise known as "Colt." Andrea (my bestest friend) and I were missing him like crazy this summer so we took off on a little road trip to Memphis to visit Seth, Carrie, & Colt. We left 2 days after Marc and I got back from our Charleston/Savannah vacation so I basically just stay packed. Marc and Andrea went to Lipscomb with Seth & Carrie, so that is how I know these crazy people. I also lived with Andrea, Carrie, and one of our other friends, Beth, in an apartment the Summer of 2000 when I was home from college. I love these girls so much! Andrea and I definitely got to learn some of the behind-the-scenes moments of "mommying" a 4 month old!! Oh, and I learned that when you open the diaper of a baby that age you will find some goodies that are of a very interesting neon green color! Thank you. Here are some fun pictures of Colt, his mommy, and his Aunties April & Andrea:

Colt has the sweetest brown eyes ever!!! He always looks so concerned...

Another Lipscomb friend, Joni, who also now lives in Memphis, came over to play. Her adorable baby girl's name is Lilly. She is the cutest and looks just like her mommy!!

Colt & Auntie April time... I had bottle duty most of our time there.

Colt & Daddy time... He had to steal Colt away from us for 2 minutes!!

I LOVE these pics of Colt & mommy!! I couldn't imagine how unexplainable the bond between a mommy & baby must be.

Colt has the coolest room ever!!! Hence the name. :)

Andrea changing her very FIRST diaper!!

Bye, sweet boy!! Come see us soon!!


Blessed said... know I love this post!!!! That was a few months ago. Please, please come again soon!!!! :) We miss yall!!!

Journey said...

Okay wait- I'm not there! That is so sad! I miss you guys like crazy! I looked at the front porch picture and realized Colt has taken my place- but I'm glad it's him!
Love you!


Tara said...

He is soooooo cute! I love the pics. Hopefully we can see him in person soon.

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