Monday, September 10, 2007

Jody's Big News!

I'm getting me a sister!!! :) Whoooopppppeeeee! He asked Christy to marry him at midnight on July 14th. They were at a beautiful plantation/resort in Georgia when he asked her. He had the whole thing planned out, even had her 2 best friends and their husbands drive in from different states to surprise her the next day. She really flipped out! We are soooooo excited! They are already planning away. The big day will be Saturday, May 17, 2008 at a country club in Mt. Juliet that has really special meaning to Christy and her family. The newlyweds-to-be came over to show off the diamond the very next week and I wanted to share some of the pics from that night with y'all. We happened to had planned a family cookout that night at our house anyway, so it just worked out that they had some exciting news to bring right along with them! :) I should have posted this a long time ago, but I did send an email to many of you right after it happened. Y'all will be proud of me... this may be my shortest official posting so far!


Journey said...

You know I'm jealous! Ha!

Sara Groves does Christian music- she is so awesome- very peaceful and beautiful and like she's sitting right there next to you, talking with you- and full of such good truth.

Blessed said...

Cute couple! I am happy for your family! :)

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