Tuesday, September 25, 2007

High School Reunion Time!!

Hi friends!! Marc and I went to BOTH of our high school reunions this year, so it has definitely been a time lately of catching up with old friends and talking about old memories. Mine was held June 23rd at the Hotel Preston near Opryland here in Nashville. Marc's was in August in Owensboro, KY at the Executive Inn. They were both completely different from each other! We're so glad we were able to go and of course I was so proud to show off my wonderful husband! :) I don't know if Marc could say the same for me. Hee hee!!

Martin Luther King Magnet Class of '97!!

I worked the registration booth with my friend Kerri. We were wrestling cheerleaders together, as well as went on to college together. I just love her! We had the most interesting time being the first faces people saw as they walked in, but the thing was, we couldn't remember half of these people! You should have seen us struggling to match up their name tags with who they actually were! And for some reason, no one even recognized me! They walked right on by not even knowing I was April Myers. They all said I look completely different from high school. Marc was the most confused by all these reactions.

Marc sat in Husband's Row as Kerri and I worked away. Here he is with his new friend, Kerri's hubby!!

At our lovely dinner table...

Marc making a new friend... My old friend, Nathan. He was one of the first people I was friends with at MLK!!!

Wrestling Cheerleaders Class of '07 Reunite!!

Watchin' the class video...

Marc reuniting with his friend Obba... They worked together at Baptist Hospital when we first moved back to Nashville in 2005. Marc was actually doing his internship while Obba was finishing up med school. Obba married Shawnda, high school sweethearts at MLK!! And Shawnda was an intern with Marc at Baptist. Marc was so excited that he had friends at my reunion! Oh, we all loved each other!

Introducing Marc to Coach Bass... The wrestling coach and one of the best teachers in Metro... He was one of those teachers that everyone loved...

Hangin' with Blake & Jamie David... Jamie was one of the guys who was a part of my group of best friends in high school.. He even went on our Panama City Spring Break '97 trip with all of us girls!! He is Adam Agee's (another one of my old guy pals) best friend, who I met while attending Ezell Harding in 7th grade. So, we go way back! He used to make Andrea and me laugh the most!

TONS of the pics I sent in made the slide show! I was actually in most of the pictures so people were probably kinda confused. Here's a pic of Robin, Kim, Afua and me at junior prom...

Okay, so these guys are seriously getting down with one of our English teachers! We were crackin' up!!

Coach Bass and his "girls" - the wrestling cheerleaders

Marc and me with Obba & Shawnda... The docs and me!

Lacey and me... We cheered together and she was the one who put this whole shin-dig together! I was sooo proud of her! She planned away for so long for this weekend.

Doug Morgan and me.... We have gone to school together since 5th grade at Stokes Middle!!! He also went to Depauw with me and we hung out a lot during college. He always had me back! Oh, and drove me home for all the breaks. He was in my first Sociology class with me, when we both decided to major in it!! He also admits to making fun of me in 6th grade when I walked into class with my brand new pink & lavender glasses that had April Kay written on them! I was so proud of those thangs but evidently everyone else thought I was the biggest nerd.

Umm.... so yeah, that actually is a video of Vanilla Ice in the background. We danced to "Ice, Ice Baby" and it was the most fun! It brought back the most memories!

Wrestlers & Cheerleaders with Coach Bass.. I spent SO much time with these people during high school!! Especially on the weekends at matches and tournaments.

Union County High School Class of '97!!!

Amie & Joel, us, and Jeremy & Harley... We went out to eat with them before the reunion. Jeremy & Joel were some of Marc's best friends in high school.

Dancin' with my new friend, Amy! Oh, we loved each other the most!

Marc and his good friend, B.J... I met him in Morganfield, KY (Marc's hometown) after Marc and I had just been dating a year, so I've known him a while now.

Marc lovin' seeing all his old friends!!


Blessed said...

Yall's reunions looked so fun! More fun than mine!

love ya

Blessed said...

Yall's reunions looked so fun! More fun than mine!

love ya

April Kay said...

wait, someone thought our reunions looked so fun.... more fun than hers! thank you.

Blessed said...

Um, I want FL pictures!!!

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