Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mason Learns to Swim at 4 1/2 Months!! Hee hee! :)

I have lots more to share from Mason's first beach trip!! Yes, my heart is still in Destin even though it's been 3 weeks since we were there. :) I don't really have much time to post anymore since my hands seem to be tied all day long when it's just Mason and me hanging out at home. He has been teething since August and his worst time is during the day. Poor little thang seems to be in so much pain and there is nothing I can really do to help. He shoves his entire fist into his mouth and that seems to soothe him temporarily. I try to nurse him as much as I can to help a little bit. So, I end up not getting much done around the house (and I'm STILL working on thank-you notes!!), but that's okay because being Mason's mommy is my number one priority right now. When Marc gets home from work and on the weekends I would rather spend time with him than be on the computer, so that's why my blog posts have been slacking lately. I'm sure you all understand!!

Anyway, a huge smile still comes to my face every time I think of Mason perched up in that float in the swimming pool! Thank you Hudson Roller and your mommy, Melia, for letting Mason borrow your very fun float! :) Marc was a little hesitant about putting Mason in the pool but I was ready and willing to try anything on this trip since I knew Mason's first beach trip wasn't something we could experience all the time. We waited until the sun went down to take Mason out to the pool and thankfully the pool was heated so that the somewhat chilly evening beach weather wouldn't get to him. The second we put him in the pool his eyes got so huge and were looking all around... typical Mason for ya! He did not seem scared at all, like his Grandy C who was overlooking this whole situation from the sidelines! :) The best part of all was when we put in in the float. He acted like he just wanted us to leave him alone so that he could play all by himself! So, we got so brave and stepped back to let him sit in it WITHOUT us even holding on to him!! ALL his Daddy's idea!! Not even kidding! I was shocked that Marc would let him do it. I'm usually the big risk-taker in this family! Mason did great though! He sits up so nice and tall which really helped him keep his balance in the float. He was smiling so big and just seemed so content. I never wanted it to end!!

We did some major preparation for this 15 minute-swimming event. We put the 55 sunscreen all over his entire body (like there was even any sun out!) and put TWO diapers on him! Last summer when I was on a girls' beach trip, they had to empty the pool at our hotel because some baby had pooped in it! Thank you. I didn't want to be THAT parent, so we put a swim diaper on him and then a regular diaper on top of it. Mason doesn't even poop, but we were just being extra careful. Daddy did a great job getting Mason all ready for his first swim! :)

Getting him all situated in the float

He was swimming lke a little fish!! It really looked like he was in swim lessons or something and Marc and me were his coaches. He was learning the breast stroke in this picture! Ha ha! :)

Okay, sweet boy, the fun is over!! We gotta go in now and get ready to go sing some Karioke!! He did NOT want to go in at all!!
Poor little thang was freezing his bottom off when we took him out, so we wrapped him all up!


The Kinards said...

The best thing for teething is teething tablets....all natural!! We live by them with Marissa. I give her 2 every night before bed and they work wonders!! Try them out! Still looking forward to hearing about your support group! We found some info about a Glory Babies group, but would like to know what you do.

Blessed said...

Cute pictures!! I love Mason's little swim hat. He looks so happy in the pool! :)

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