Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mason meets his Great-Grandparents!!

Nothing like little baby feet in the hands of his great-grandmother!! Mason has now officially met all of his great-grandparents! Marc and I are so blessed to have such amazing grandparents, and especially that they have been able to meet the newest addition to their families!! He is the very first great-grandbaby for all of them except for my MaMaw Thomas, so his entrance into this world has definitely brough much joy for all of them! It is an indescribable feeling to see my grandmothers hold my precious baby boy. Here are some pics of Mason being loved on by these extra special people in our lives...

Andrea handing Mason to my MawMaw Myers for the very first time! She is my dad's mom, Willie Mae. She came and visited us in the hospital when Mason was less than 24 hours old!

She was the most excited with that mouth wide open!!

We took a little road trip up to Greenville, KY (about an hour and a half from Nashville) Saturday, June 21st for Mason to meet Marc's grandparents, Nanny & Granddad. They are Marc's dad's (Terry) parents.

Granddad was in love with sweet Mason, and was especially in awe of all of the little things he was doing with his hands! This one is hilarious where Granddad is doing his "Mason" impression!!

Four generations of Moore men!! Marc, his Granddad, Marc's dad, and Mason!

Granddad kept talking about Mason's long fingers!! Said he's gonna do him some piano playin' someday!!

Nanny having her some Mason time... This was sooo sweet!!

Mason looking deep into Nanny's eyes

She was a natural with her first great-grandbaby!!
Last, but not least... off to visit my MawMaw Thomas in the nursing home in Sparta, TN. She is my mom's mom. She celebrated her 94th birthday in March! She is definitely a fighter... We thought we were going to lose her the week Mason was born, but like always, she bounced back! My parents and I took Mason up there last Saturday, June 28th to visit with her. It is a miracle that she is still with us to be able to meet her newest little great-grandson! We took soooo many great pictures of this visit and I had a hard time deciding which ones to put in this post, so I just put lots of them! And believe me, there are MANY more where these came from! :) Precious moments...

MawMaw just did not know what to think about this situation! She thinks I'm still a little girl so she just didn't seem to understand how this little baby was mine! We had to keep explaining it to her.
Mason grasping onto his mommy's & great-grandmother's hand!

I was making faces at her to try and get her to smile... wasn't really working!
Four generations!! I just love these pictures!!

Mason & his great-MawMaw Thomas taking a nap together!

These are some of my fave! I will forever cherish these memories!!

Mason loves you MawMaw Myers, Nanny & Granddad, and MawMaw Thomas!! And so does his mommy!! Very, very much!!!


Shane, Nat, and Maddie said...

Such sweet pictures!! I LOVED it!

Kristin said...

Mason is so cute! I can't wait to meet him (and you). Hopefully, we can get together soon.

RaeChelle said...

I'd love to be blog buddies! I'll be adding you to my side bar!

Kim said...

How sweet! April he is just perfect-any you are right, he does look like his daddy (from the newborn pics, anyway).
I read where you were going to Westport Road-please tell Peggy and Mary and Raegan hello for me! Wish it was where we'd be there to see you, too!

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