Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mason Celebrates July 4th!!

We had a wonderful, unique 4th of July weekend!! We took another road trip with the Akins, and this time the Brostos joined us! We went up to Madisonville, KY (where Marc's parents & lots of family live) to go to a cookout at a family friend's home and to spend a day at Marc's cousin's house swimming and hanging out. Friday night we went to the cookout where we saw the most food we have ever seen in our lives and watched fireworks. We pretty much didn't know anyone at this cookout, so the 6 of us just hung out while everyone at the party passed around Mason. We also did a lot of people watching and enjoyed laughing at all the random comments of Marc's second cousins, Hanna & Baylee, and their friends during the fireworks. They were yelling out the randomest things and we would bust out laughing! And all these random dogs were walking around! It was the most fun. We also got to spend time with Marc's family who was there and they got to love on Mason. When we got to Marc's parents' house before the cookout, there were all these 4th of July outfits laid out on the bed for Mason to choose from! Connie had gone shopping! We picked out the cutest little outfit that had little shorts with it and put it right on Mason. Mason had never worn shorts before, so we just could not stop staring at him and thinking he was the cutest little thing alive! On Saturday we went over to Heather & Byron's (Marc's cousin and her hubby) to have some fun in the sun and to... play the Wii!!! Marc and Johnathan were in heaven!! They stayed inside most of the time and played Rock Band and American Idol. Thank you. They were the most into it!! Mason was the most confused, though, as to why his daddy was banging on some drums and singing into some microphone. Mason could not stop staring at the whole situation... Anyway, it was such a fun, laid-back weekend. To top it off, Brooke, Johnathan, Marc, and me played "pool" games in the car all the way home! Little Hanna had taught Brooke and me some games to play in the pool, so we modified them into "car" games and they took up the entire time it took us to get back to Nashville! We were 10 years old again. :) We're so blessed for friends and family like these who we can be so silly and enjoy the simple things in life with!

Marc's dad stealing Mason away from Marc's mom for just a second!!
Hanna loves her Marc! I love this picture! Everyone looks so happy!
The boys looking like they're having a blast! Hee hee!
Mommy & Mason time!

Two of Mason's favorite Aunties!!

Hanna & Heather lovin' on Mason!

Uncle Johnathan & Mason bonding... they were having the biggest conversation for like 20 minutes!!
We love these people!!
While I stole Mason away to change his stinky diaper, I couldn't help but to do a little photoshoot of him!! He was also wearing shoes for the very first time and his little legs and feet were so cute all kicking up in the air!

Mason is looking over at his daddy!! This was sooo sweet to see!!

What the rest of us girls were doing outside...

This one is so sweet of Mason asleep in Hanna's arms!! She's so sweet and nurturing!! I love watching them together.

Mason was exhausted from all the festivities!!
Brooke and I had enough sun & pool games for one day, so we came in to see what in the world all that racket was... Look at the pic above... Find a passed-out Brooke! It's one of the funniest thangs I've ever seen! I don't even know how she was sleeping though with all of the loud singing going on in her ear!

Check out Mason's "Going to Grandma's" outfit!! I've had this for our little miracle ever since our first pregnancy in March 2007... I went and bought it to give to one of our sets of parents to tell them we were pregnant, but ended up keeping it because it made me so happy to look at! And finally, almost a year and a half later I get to put it on my precious little boy!

Saturday night after we got back to Nashville, the Brostos and us went over to Brooke & Johnathan's for one last 4th of July hoop-la (wait, is that the word I'm looking for?) We went and got some yummy Little Ceasar's pizza and played the "Newlyweds" game. We hadn't played that game in a while, so we wanted to see how some of our answers had changed over the years! Mason was sporting his "cool dude" little collared-polo outfit that night. :)

Thanks for reading my blog!!! I have lots more posts to do from our summer adventures, so please keep checking back! I try my best to keep this thang updated between nursing Mason and cleaning out our closets, so please bear with me! :) Love y'all!


Blessed said...

I love his little 4th of July outfit. I hate that we weren't with yall on the 4th! Makes me very sad.

Girl, we've been playing phone tag. I'll call you back later today!

Kim said...

How adorable! Love his little outfit. You look so happy-what a great family!
Glad you guys had a fun 4th!

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