Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Pregnant Woman's Best Friend!

Okay, girls, when you get to around 20 weeks of pregnancy or so, it kinda becomes somewhat miserable at night when you're sleeping!! Especially for the hubby!! My new purchase was WAY overdue!! At around 24 weeks I could not stand it any longer and had to spend more than I ever would on a pillow!! I went to Babies R Us and they only had one pregnancy pillow really and it was about $60. So, I started looking online. I found a website called and found the PERFECT PILLOW!! It's called Today's Mom Cozy Cuddler. It came in just 3 days and now I couldn't imagine what I did before that glorious day it arrived under our carport!! It really does take up the entire bed and is the most interesting J-shaped thang ever, but I love it!! I throw my legs and arms all around it and have my routine down. :)The best part really is the pillow thang that goes under your head. I put that on top of my regular pillow and it's sooo comfy!! Anyway, just wanted to share it with you all!! I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone to purchase during 2nd trimester of pregnancy. Notice the little brown head asleep next to me in these pics. See, now Marc can sleep soundly without me tossing and turning and annoying the heck out of him! I just popped up out of bed this night and starting taking these pics cuz the idea came to me as I was laying there to post a blog about this new discovery. :) Luv y'all!!! Happy cuddlin'!

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Blessed said...

I slept with my maternity pillow from Babie's R US and two regular sized pillows propped other places. I have no idea how 2 people fit in our bed.

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