Saturday, February 2, 2008

Christmas with the Myers'

Finally.... more pictures from our Christmas adventures with our families!! I've already posted ones with Marc's family up in KY, so now on to celebrating with my family in TN.

Christmas Eve at Aunt Linzett & Uncle Steve's in Murfreesboro.... It is our tradition to spend Christmas Eve with this side of the family and we have never once missed a Christmas!

MaMaw Myers with her 3 kiddos and their crazy spouses

Marc and I copying Aunt Karen & Uncle's Mark pose they did for their Christmas card... My mom had just got done doing their photoshoot, so then it was our turn!! Hee hee!! I even put on Karen's fancy schmancy fur thang!!!

Us grandkids and our spouses... Jason loves his new cousin-in-law!! Jody & Christy couldn't come cuz she was sick. :(

Okay, so I'll go ahead and apologize for these next few pictures.. As you can tell and as most of you already know, my family is completely crazy and our family Christmases are even crazier!! All we do is laugh our heads off at the silliest, most perverted thangs!! Thank you. Some things never change...

But wait, why is there a brother-in-law perched up right in the middle with something on his head? Thank you. Jonathan came to my family's Christmas since he doesn't live very far away in Murfreesboro. Oh, we just took him right in!

Steph showin' off Scott's present. And then of course my mom had to add in the bow/ball contraption that was attached to her gift. I don't even know about these people...

Jonathan Moore kept pulling out his handy dandy random knife to help people open their presents... with that thang on his head the entire time

Jason bowing down to the candlesticks Erica got from my mom... He just collapsed that body down on that ground the most violently and we were all the most confused.

My mom showing off the added decoration to her present... She kept going on and on about it.

And then it ended up on her head... Why do these people keep putting things on their heads? Thank you. But I was laughing so hard at all of this commotion that I literally peed my pants. Thank you. That's not unusual for me lately.

Things calming down a bit as we celebrate Christmas Day the next day (duh!!) at our house... Just our immediate family.

Mona trying to figure out her "Mason's Grandma" bag with Jody's help

Oh, she finally understands and is the happiest!!

Look at our sweet baby being so good! She was in complete heaven surrounded by all her favorite people in the world!!

Christy was the most excited about the new sippy cup Andrea made her!! :) I have one just like it with all 3 of my initials. Love it!!

Love my family... especially that one perched right up in the middle of us all like she's a human!!

My big brother and me

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