Monday, December 17, 2007

Jody & Christy's Engagement Party

Mom & me getting ready for the big night by treating ourselves to a makeover at "Private Edition" in Green Hills
Doesn't he look sooo handsome all dressed up?? Love him!

Lovin' on my hubby & my brother, Jody - the very proud uncle-to-be! :)

I love my new future sister-in-law!

Jody chillin' with our cousins, Christy & Tim, who drove in from Indiana

The women being silly and not really knowing what to do with themselves... my cousin (Cathy), my mom, my Aunt Tizzie, and my MaMaw (my dad's mom)... Why is Aunt Tizzie holding up her chicken? Thank you.

My beautiful cousin, Cathy... her son, Dakota, was the ringbearer in my wedding and will be in Jody & Christy's wedding as well

Christy showing off her gorgeous ring to my Aunt Tizzie

Jody introducing MaMaw to some close family friend of Christy's family... hmm... All the older men were checking her out!!

Christy with her parents & brother... What a great picture of them!

Christy's dad, Noro, giving a toast... He is a wonderful song-writer and musician!

I love this one of them listening to Christy's dad's toast...

Marc and my cousin, Tim... Tim was my roomie for a while when I first moved to Louisville for grad school, so Marc and I hung out with him often

Marc chillin' with the girls of my family on one of the cool sofas

My Uncle Mark & Aunt Karen showing some of their ballroom dancing moves... They really steal the show! :)
Kevin & Keith... these guys (they're actually twins!) have been 2 of Jody's best friends since they were about 13 years old... Keith will be Jody's "best man"

I've been wanting to share with y'all a very fun and exciting night for our family! We celebrated Jody's (my brother) and Christy's engagement at the Lay'la Lounge Saturday night, Dec. 1st. It's this cool, trendy place between the Boundry & Southstreet Restaurants on 20th Avenue. If you've been watching "The Hills," this place really reminds me of some of the places they go and eat on that show. (I know, am I 18????) It was cocktail attire and after plenty of discussions and explanations, I finally convinced my husband that "cocktail" does not mean khakis & a golf shirt! Thank you. :) So, we got ourselves all dressed up and meandered on downtown with my parents in the family van. The party was for the wedding party, Jody's & Christy's parents, aunts, uncles, & grandparents, and other very close family friends. We even had some family drive in from out of town, so it was a great excuse to see relatives we don't get to see very often. It was just a preview of what that beautiful day in May will be like! :) Enjoy some pics above from the evening...


Blessed said...

Looks like fun!!

I LOVE yall's makeovers!!!! Yall both look amazing!

Blessed said...

Oh, I CAN'T wait till tomorrow!!!! I'll be waiting for your call!

Tamara said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!!

andreabrosto said...

Looks like the most fun! Ya'lls make up looks good! Your mom didn't wash it all off and make some random person do it again did she? I like it! Everyone on your mom's side has the blondest cutest little haircuts!

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